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interceptor Hemp HARVESTING system



Take it to the next level. Send your flower straight from the field to drying or processing to avoid loss of valuable CBD and terpenes.  Save time and money with mechanized harvesting to maximize profit and increase your acreage. In addition, you can monitor your yield as you harvest. 



Our harvesting system separates the flowers, seed and stem into 3 streams of material.  Flower goes into a wagon, seed into the grain tank, fiber back out to the ground to dry.  No messy mixed material.  No expensive post harvest separation needed. 



We are farmers. We understand the problems and pressures of row crop production at large scale.  Production level farming  of any kind takes enormous resources and inputs.  Adding hemp will add more pressure, particularly expensive hand harvesting labor or having to invest in expensive hemp-specific machinery.  We created the Interceptor to enable farmers to utilize a regular combine for hemp with an application that would not interfere with the need to harvest other crops. 

Since 1999, Ty and Jay Stukenholtz have been designing specialized harvesting equipment for difficult to capture crop material.  Graduates of the University of Nebraska in Ag Engineering, they have designed harvesting equipment for one of the largest specialized seed companies in the US that produces hundreds of varieties of wildflowers and native grasses. They also have developed corn cob harvesting equipment for value-added products such as biofuels and biochemicals.  These combined experiences have lead to the development of the Interceptor Multi-Crop Harvester for Hemp and Organic Farming.  

Our mission is to make hemp harvesting easier, faster and more efficient for farmers, saving them money, time and expensive manpower to increase their profits and increase the amount of acres of hemp grown in the US.  Chaff collection for weed seed in organic farming can reduce weed pressure and increase yield potential without chemicals. 

The Interceptor is currently designed to attach to John Deere S Series model combines from 2012 to 2020 for use with a draper head. 

The Interceptor

The Interceptor was designed with the needs of farmers in mind.  Any farmer will tell you that harvest is a difficult time of year, that getting your valuable crops out of the field is the priority.  The Interceptor is made for versatility.  By utilizing the combine as it was intended we eliminate the added expense of manpower for harvesting or additional specialized  post harvest separation machinery.  Farmers can switch from corn or soybeans to hemp and back again in a few easy steps.  

By pairing the Interceptor with a drying system, your flower product is harvested efficiently, won't accumulate dirt, mold and bacteria associated with hang-drying, and won't be handled repeatedly resulting in material loss.  Your product is preserved within hours of harvest, not days or weeks. 

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The Interceptor is available through Platte Valley Equipment in Fremont, Nebraska

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